take a look at what the fine folks over at OOO MY DESIGN repurposed as lighting fixtures and lamps... (my precious!!!)


cabin's evoke a sort of distant timelessness for me that always leave me wanting more. only recently have i actually started photographing some of the more unique ones that i've run into - and they seem to be capturing the "spirit" of the initial feeling they brought on when viewing them IRL. i feel a summer-inspired photography project coming on...



these guys are EFFIN AWESOME and inspirational on many levels. more about their earlier projects here too.


++ GAGA://WQRKS ++

Go here to see the works of artist/architect/printer J. Lambert aka GAGA://WQRKS. I promise you will not be dissapointed.



"My advise is, everyone, come to california and I'll buy you a drink." ~Janis Joplin

We're getting ready to start up a new chapter - THE NEW ANTHOLOGY | CALIFORNIA

we'd love to have you come along for the ride...


still life

still life photo that i shot back in colorado.

i'm thinking of having this printed and framed as a 5' x 5' to go over the bed in the master bedroom.


nor cal

it's been a while. napa/sonoma/nor cal is everything that i thought it'd be. and much much more.

new posts soon.

can't wait to get rollin' on here again.



the new anthology's sunroom/office

since we're in the middle of our move from colorado to california, we're gonna be posting some pics of the home that we've had the luxury of working on for the past 6 years. more pics will start showing up in the INTERIORS section soon enough.

manoteca indoor table desk

i swear i drooled a little when i happened upon this MANOTECA indoor desk table.

it's actually a vintage door transformed into a table/workstation. the door itself is mounted onto a steel frame and hinged on one side. the bottom-side has added rawhide pockets to store tools/papers/equipment when opened. this hand-made, one of a kind table sells for 3800 euros.

see more of their products at the jump above.


flashback friday

we ripped this post word for word from our sister site, because we're short on time (yet long on good music postings)... and yes, even though it's a new mixtape, the content counts for flashback friday in spades.

as if we needed another reason to love 'em... NEW LOOK just put together this mixtape for THE FADER aptly titled "doom and dance pop".

New Look's FADER Mix by The FADER

OMD – She’s Leaving
John Carpenter – The End
Joy Division – Isolation
Suicide – Ghost Rider
Tones on Tail – Rain
The Smiths – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
New Order – Procession


a golden state of mind

it's true. we're finally making the move to the sunshine coast. in and around the bay area for our daily fill of wonderment and amazement.

things that will help inspire THE NEW ANTHOLOGY from this point forward:
sand.surf.beaches.redwoods.driftwood.sun.wine.nature.city.country.living.loving.life... to name a few.

more as we go along.

bonus track: "going to california"


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